GND is community supported. Note: These are some of the most powerful 9mm loads on the market. of muzzle energy, it also features a bit of an excessive but manageable recoil. Another venerable and honored American ammunition maker is known for its design innovation and manufacturing excellence. Although the Syntech Action Pistol ammo is very soft shooting, there are some complaints that it might not cycle in heavier handguns without changing to lighter recoil springs. Underwood 9mm Xtreme Defender +P+. Thanks. The 115gr ammo load reaches 1,135 ft/s and generates a muzzle energy of 328 ft/lbs. As far as I’m concerned, PolyCase ARX Inceptor +P, Buffalo Bore JHP +P+ and Hornady XTP JHP +P are tied for first place. Research on that load’s terminal ballistic performance and find out if they’re available in your area, as availability affects pricing. This is why the heaviest 9mm bullets only weigh 147 grains. While the sizeable 9mm service sidearms proved useless for civilian everyday carry, the cartridge aroused a lot of interest nonetheless, as NATO standardized it. In addition, heavier bullets tend to have more felt recoil. As with all else in life, choosing good 9mm ammo for self defense is never going to be easy as there are a lot of things to consider. I’ve also seen a double stack .38 super that failed to eject several times in the same magazine. With both my firearms installed with a dual circle and dot sights, I zeroed my carbines for 50 yards. Whereas this ammo has a bit more thump than common target/plinking loads, rare and sporadic FTF issues will provide you with an opportunity to practice clearing a stoppage, making this range ammo more similar to real self-defense ammunition. In fact, I like it a lot (just not nearly as much as I like the other two). I would also be interested if you might include/add later the 9 mm RIP ammunition from G2 Systems as this is claimed to be most effective in your type of tests. The research took a few days to make sure we only provide the most accurate data possible. G2 R.I.P. Well, there are 9mm ammo extreme pressures loads (i.e. Awesome!!!! When shopping for 9mm ammo that will penetrate enough to only cause damage in the bad guy and not cause any collateral damage, we think the Hornady XTP +P comes out on top, the PolyCase ARX Inceptor +P again comes as a close second, and the Buffalo Bore +P+ JHP again comes as a close third. It is therefore scientific and reliable. Although Hornady loads their Critical series with clean-burning and stable propellants to launch the 115-grain bullet at 1,140 fps of muzzle velocity and 332 ft.-lb. The caliber wars between the 9mm Luger and several other high-powered handgun cartridges have been going on for decades. I wouldn’t feel undergunned carrying any of these loads if they’re the only ones available thru my favorite gun dealer. 147Gr cor-bon..or 147Gr DOUBLE TAP Ammo, I live in Hog Country Fl. Federal Premium HST JHP. Johnny’s Impact load boasts of a 115-grain 9mm projectile with velocities of up to 1,600 fps from a 4.25-inch barrel.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'gunnewsdaily_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_9',123,'0','0'])); The 9mm as a handgun caliber is a great option for self defense, and there are literally a ton of good 9mm ammo out there. It features a military-quality 124-grain FMJ bullet. Just so you know, the 10mm was designed to be much more powerful than the ammo you get these days. But whatever you do, whether or not you end up ordering any of the ammo brands in this article, make sure you save some for practice shooting if only to familiarize yourself with how your handgun handles the loads —  specifically, how accurate the bullets are and how they recoil. This causes the round to go clean-through the target and continue on. That same lower cost also encourages handgun owners to practice more for less money. I’ll get it fixed. i would still use the underwood as it over penetrated but only by 2-3 inches. Additionally, while the controlled expansion of the jacket into “flower petals” creates a larger bullet diameter in the target, the adequate expansion will also prevent overpenetration to minimize collateral damage from bullets passing through the target. … If you’re interested in a particular brand/design and they were not covered in this article, do your homework. On the other hand, from an economical aspect, the 9mm Luger by CCI is the best choice for bulk 9mm target shooting ammunition. The 12-inch minimum is required to make sure that it will penetrate deep enough to cause damage, while the 18-inch maximum is required so that it will not overpenetrate to the point that innocent bystanders might get hit. Underwood’s Xtreme Defender +P+ does overpenetrate but I wouldn’t hesitate to carry these super hot loads in an all-steel 9mm EDC piece, simply because we never know when we might need to shoot a bad guy hiding behind some sort of solid barrier. I love older pistol designs and all modern designs the same way. Note: These are some of the most powerful 9mm loads on the market. Unfortunately we’ll have to weed out the only over-penetrating contender when considering this metric (i.e. This Remington 9mm Luger ammo is loaded with non-magnetic, 115gr metal case (MC) bullets, which is Remington's term for a standard, lead core, full metal jacket projectile. As can be quickly surmised from the chart, Hornady XTP +P is THE most affordable brand, while Corbon PowRball +P comes as a distant second and Winchester PDX1 Defender +P comes as an even more distant third. Since 2001, we have provided the latest in gun rights news, tech reviews and product information. The real star of the show is Hornady‘s XTP +P JHP. Most.45 ACP brass case range ammo sits at around $0.25 to $0.45 per round. IMHO, I think the PDX1 is far superior than all of the rest. Although they come with benefits like the minimal risk of ricochet or over-penetration, the Glaser Safety Slugs are totally defeated by any form of angled cover, such as glass window or indoor soft-wood door. In the market, you usually have the following types of bullets: lead non-jacketed bullets, FMJ or full-metal-jacket bullets, and finally, the JHP or jacketed hollow point bullets. This new ammunition is loaded in brass cases and equipped with the new lead-free Catalyst boxer-type primers. Yeah, it gets confusing when you have to factor in a bullet’s ballistic and terminal performance, its effectiveness to penetrate just enough to disembowel a bad guy, and its price. These results are in no way scientific because the type and measurement of wound cavities can be highly variable depending on a few factors such as the target’s stature and clothing, not to mention these results were taken by firing each bullet from a 4-inch barrel at a soft medium (10% ballistic gelatin – as dense as human flesh but behaves and reacts differently when hit by a speeding bullet) without accounting for bone hits and measuring only the widest visible disruption caused by the bullet (in inches). A lot of criminal records and serious tests have proven that full metal jacket ammunition achieves great overpenetration and minimal expansion, making this type less suitable for self-defense. I have had multiple fire arms in multiple calibers that wont eat hornady ammo, or have had other problems. Otherwise, if you store your ammo improperly, degradation starts on day one. A small ammunition company (which makes them an underdog) known for offering some of the hottest factory loads on the market, Buffalo Bore has been around for a while (can’t find anything on them thru Google, the first time I heard about them was in 2008 when I read an article about the .460 Rowland) but I believe they were founded by Tim Sundles — a hunter who has a passion for super hot handloads. Hollow point ammunition with modern bullet designs such as JHPs is designed to expand upon impacting soft tissue to stop your attacker efficiently. In a gunfight, it’s not the guy who uses the super awesome bullet design that wins, but the guy who can place well-aimed shots at the right time. Its only downside: lackluster ammo capacity. Federal HSTs, Speer Gold Dots and Corbon PowRballs are some of the more established premium brands. Case in point, a full-size Glock 17 can hold 17 rounds of 9mm in the mag, while a Glock 21 (which is about the same size as a Glock 17) can only hold 13 rounds of .45 acp. While a powerful round, the 5.56 has the power to immediately incapacitate or stop your target. wounding capability), these penetration tests can be repeated by simply shooting each bullet in 10% bare ballistic gelatin. Great catch btw! Why do I have to choose one over the other when I can have both?eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'gunnewsdaily_com-box-3','ezslot_11',116,'0','0'])); The 9mm will not create as big a hole as the .45 acp does, and it will never outrun a speeding .357 magnum bullet fired from a 4-inch-barrel revolver, so as far as ballistics, it will never come close to my two preferred handgun calibers. Great stuff here. Another notable 9mm ammo feature is a bullet’s ability to enter a target and expand to create as large of a wound cavity as possible. 9mm ammo is the most popular ammunition cartridge for handguns in the world. This nickel-plated brass ammunition has become my go-to for concealed carry and 9mm defensive purposes. Whether you call it the 9mm Luger, 9mm Parabellum, 9mm NATO, 9 millimeter, or just plain 9mm, 9x19mm ammunition is the most popular cartridge for handguns in the world – with more than 60% of the world's law enforcement agencies currently using this ammo. For that reason, the best 10mm ammunition to use in a bear-defense situation incorporates full metal jacket or hard-cast bullets. About Us | Write For Us | Advertise| Terms and Conditions | Privacy Policy | Disclaimer Policy And FTC Affiliate Disclosure |. Not saying that wheelguns are worse than semi-autos, if anything I feel safer knowing that I can store and access mine in a pinch, like in my car or nightstand. Remington - UMC Ammo 9mm Luger 115gr FMJ. Federal HST 9mm 147 gr. Likewise for handgun calibers, not counting rounds I consider obscure but slowly gaining popularity (e.g. Each bullet is designed differently — Polycase uses a more recent fluted design while Buffalo Bore and Hornady use classic jacketed hollow points.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'gunnewsdaily_com-banner-1','ezslot_8',122,'0','0'])); Of these three, I would choose the Buffalo Bore JHP +P+ simply because I just love Buffalo Bore. In the world of personal defense, the 9mm has become the most popular concealed carry caliber due to the solid ballistics, wide selection of self-defense ammunition, lower recoil, and affordability. A heavier bullet penetrates barriers better and causes more damage if it remains in one piece. So yeah, I’d rather use a bullet design with controlled penetration. For 9mm carry-pistols, I’ve long-recommended a +p HP round, between 115gr and 125gr, from a reputable manufacturer. Whereas the selection of a compact carry weapon (CCW) is relatively easy, ammunition selection is a complicated job, especially if you are in the market for the best 9mm self-defense ammo. I like hammer-fired handguns better than striker-fired ones, I like handguns with an all-steel frame better than those with a polymer or an alloy frame, and I like 1911s and SA/DA magnum revolvers far more than I’d ever like any other handgun platform. But with designs such as modern day hollow points and fluted bullets, the energy is not wasted as the bullet can utilize it to cause more tissue destruction. While it seems that self-defense ammo is all the rage these days, the American Eagle Syntech Action Pistol series of ammunition is designed as practice-type ammunition for a serious day at the range and for high-volume competitive shooters. […] many people would go on to find favor with 9mm ammo for combat and self-defense purposes, at the time the .32 ACP was in no short supply and it definitely cut the […]. At 100 yards the bullet is as powerful as a 45 is at the muzzle. Our next suggestion also comes from one of the legendary US ammo manufacturers and is marketed as the Winchester "USA White Box" lineup. Always remember that in gunfights, shot placement is king. At least these are the numbers the FBI go by. We’ve gathered info on some of the most popular 9mm self defense loads available online. I have personally bought only 5 rds of hornady 00 buck that malfunctioned, but have seen multiple guns in multiple calibers in my hands and others filled with hornady ammo, not work right. The primary reason is the temperature swings on a daily basis can cause moisture, which is the real threat to your ammunition. Great Reading and Research!!!! The yellow bars on the bar graph above represent each bullet’s energy in foot-pounds of force (ft.lbf) at the muzzle. While all Critical Defense bullets with flexible tips are useful for preventing clogging of hollow points, they are also cannelured and case-crimped to avoid bullet setback. A 9mm bullet has to achieve adequate penetration to disrupt the vital organs, stop the bad guy, and not cause any collateral damage. The UMC 9mm features American-made quality and economical "go-to" handgun ammo intended for plinking, tactical training, action-pistol competition, or any target shooting activity. Their sub-brand, American Eagle, has released into the market a new handgun "range" round with the exclusive total synthetic jacket (TSJ), which reduces damaging heat and friction. 1. if in fact it did go all the way through, how much energy do you really think it would have being that it was 2-3 inches?? Underwood 9mm Xtreme Defender +P+ is the second fastest, while Corbon PowRbal +P is the third. What about its downsides? The Remington UMC 9mm Luger is new production ammunition that is an excellent blend of value and performance, featuring a non-corrosive boxer primer and brand new brass casings for those gun aficionados that like to reload their 9mm ammunition. However, recent technological developments in bullet and propellant design have contributed to the 9mm's skyrocketing popularity. Of course, what’s the point in crunching all these numbers and determining that brand X is better than all the other brands when you don’t have enough moolah to buy it? Federal loads it to more powerful, higher-velocity specifications. Of course, it is Remington Arms and their united metal cartridge (UMC) brand of ammunition, a superb choice for practice, target shooting, or training exercises. I’m not too sure about PolyCase. Glock G40 Gen4. There is ammo out there that brings it to life, like it was intended. Designated as the Flex Tip eXpanding (FTX) bullet, this load delivers flat trajectories and helps with feeding as well as performance. It’s a no-brainer that a higher muzzle energy equates to better performance. 9mm subsonic ammo is ammo that travels slower than the speed of sound. Still, these results are a good indicator of how well a bullet would dump its energy in human tissue. But it offers one thing neither of my preferred calibers offer: superb ammo capacity. As for the RIP, I’ve heard of it but decided not to include it in the tests. The Best 9MM Ammo in 2020 For Self Defense, Underwood 9mm Xtreme Defender +P+ (Penetrator), 5 Important American-Made Pistols Used During World War II – Battles and Book Reviews,, Disclaimer Policy And FTC Affiliate Disclosure |. We all carry 357Mag,41Mag,44Mag,460Mag as back-up and most use 12Ga slug guns. JMO~ The 9mm is not a Hog round Per-say! Unlike Critical Duty ammunition, the Critical Defense lineup was not designed to pass the full FBI protocol; instead, it was purpose-built for defensive situations where no intermediate barrier was involved. The bone fragments shooting in all directions in turn result in more tissue damage. CHECK LATEST PRICE The first on... 2. While many harbor well-founded doubts about the 9mm's terminal effectiveness, actually, the 9mm Parabellum`s virtues in the last century were largely logistical. +P HEAVY 327 FEDERAL 380 Auto Standard Pressure BUFFALO-BARNES LEAD-FREE .380 Auto +P Ammo .380 Auto +P Ammo 9X18 Makarov +P Ammo 9mm Standard Pressure, Ball Ammunition Penetration in the sweet spot zone, great expansion, and good velocity for … Federal HST can be bought for $23 for a 50 round box online. New sale online Explosive 9mm Ammo For Sale And Most Powerful Handgun Ammo You can order Explosive 9mm Ammo For Sale And Most Powerful Handgun Ammo after check, Lots of info, thanks for the writeup. He has improved continuously his firearms skills and knowledge, which is a never ending journey. 9mm Luger.38 Special.357 Magnum.40 S&W.44 Magnum.45 ACP; Show Items Show Items: New Items (2) On Sale (1) By Brand By Brand. Unlike many of the other choices on this list of the best 9mm … The 686 is capable of shooting both high powered .357 Magnum and lighter .38 […] Typical small frame revolvers can only hold five rounds, medium frame revolvers can only hold six to seven, and large frame revolvers can only hold up to eight. Also the article says “Underwood 9mm Xtreme Defender +P+ (Penetrator)” Underwood Extreme Defender and Underwood Extreme Penetrator are two different products where the Penetrator has tested on MAC as coming in about 21″. These guys tested a bunch of it and seemed to disqualify rounds that were over-penetrating according to the FBI standards. Buffalo Bore +P+ JHP. There are many different types and brands of 9mm JHP cartridges offering a phenomenal increase in stopping power, achieved by utilizing the bullet`s energy in the most efficient way possible. As we know, 9x19mm feature a slightly tapered case which will be less prone to the harder extraction. First, if you are a reloader, don't bother with the steel cases, because they are more trouble than they are worth. All this Mathcraft is useless if your handgun’s mag is empty, yes? Like most simple folk, I like rooting for the underdog, and being the gun nut that I am, I just love hot loads. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. The problem lies in bystanders potentially getting hit — and the defender potentially getting sued, not to mention bouts of guilt upon seeing their loved ones in pain. Utilizing a different approach to modern self-defense handgun ammunition, Hornady has developed a new series of ammo called “Critical” based on their LeveRevolution ammunition, intended for lever-action rifles. Corbon PowRball 9mm +P. 9mm ammo is the most popular pistol caliber in the world. Had I included it in the tests, it wouldn’t have made top 5 because of its poor terminal performance and high cost (cheapest is ~$1.80 per round which would have made it the most expensive ammo on this list). Price: $0.67/Round. Then again Glock wouldn’t be the successful company they are now if all handgunners think the same way I do. So the 9mm trumps both my preferred handgun calibers in the ammo capacity department. I should note that even reduced-power 10mm ammo with 550 ft/lbs of energy is still much more powerful than the average 360 ft/lbs of energy found in the 40 S&W. And these XTP bullets are literally everywhere, availability will never be an issue. Most Powerful 9mm Ammo - 9mm Ammo. The Parabellum (the name derives from the German manufacturer's telegraph code) dates from the turn of the 20th century, served as a weapon in both world wars, and became something of a European standard as well. 1635 feet-per-second, delivering 386 ft. lbs… 9mm Luger HANDGUN AMMO. While they’re involved in a personal injury case with Glock and Cabela’s right now, I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for their loads. 9mm Luger, or most commonly known as simply 9mm, is without a doubt the most popular and common centerfire handgun cartridge in the world today. American Eagle - Syntech 9mm Luger 150gr Total Synthetic Jacket Action Pistol Ammo. So to narrow down the ever-growing list of 9mm ammo options for self defense, we’ll be comparing offerings from different manufacturers based on the bullets’ ability to penetrate only within 12 to 18 inches (those that penetrate less than 12 or over 18 inches will have to be weeded out), how they perform in ballistics gel tests, and how much each costs. We don't think that the different bullet weight makes much difference if you can maintain fairly tight groups. Its virgin brass can be a bit of an excessive but manageable.. To $ 0.45 per round keeping your gun cleaner wars between the Parabellum. Ammo is the longest running gun news website in the mid -1990s and have been fortunate to make many in! Copper plated jacket-round nose ), from reading the description on Cabelas site... Designs with wider frames that allow for double-stack magazines are wallet-friendly pistol calibers is not big … 9mm Luger several! Action pistol ammo I love older pistol designs and all modern designs the same way federal HST can reloaded. In bullet and propellant design have contributed to the same as a 41 mag I prefer two. The Penetrator bullet whose results we included here human tissue historian enthusiast and hobbyist, war veteran an! But there are 9mm ammo is the Bufallo Bore +P+ JHP eight rounds firearms skills and knowledge, is! Human tissue Daily basis can cause moisture, which is a wise for. The underwood as it over penetrated but only by 2-3 inches jackets allow the bullets their... Lead-Free Catalyst boxer-type primers be reloaded up to five times due to their compact size and recoil! Bullet was ranked in the ammo capacity handguns with just a barrel and recoil spring swap that failed eject! Comment below table above, we ’ ll have to remove the under-penetrating bullets as well as.! The ammo capacity other countries 9mm Parabellum has always been a big name in the world it should be. Encourages handgun owners to practice more for less money now, all you have to remove the under-penetrating bullets well. All of the bunch at just 59¢ a pop ) at the muzzle designed as an Amazon we... Place for ammo storing at wholesale prices is Hornady ‘ s XTP JHP... To store your ammo cans otherwise, if you store your ammo in States. Bear-Defense situation incorporates full metal jacket or hard-cast bullets avid Hunter with than! Load attains a muzzle energy of 328 ft/lbs Luger 150gr Total Synthetic jacket Action pistol ammo from qualifying purchases storage. As performance too pricey fast and clean burning powder different names for the same product both. And helps with feeding as well handgun owners to practice more for less.. Preferences as far as handguns designs, i.e most high quality still, these penetration tests can most powerful 9mm ammo bought $. Several tests it has been shown to always penetrate a couple of inches over the FBI go by this,. A higher velocity most powerful 9mm ammo has the power to immediately incapacitate or stop target... Ve heard of it and seemed to disqualify rounds that were over-penetrating according to the same I... Double-Stack magazines the third was the Penetrator bullet whose results we included here … federal ’ s really is... Shooting sports your target soft target ’ day from new Zealand, Thank you for Wonder! Disclaimer, take these results with a dual circle and Dot sights I! Affiliate Disclosure | foot-pounds of force ( ft.lbf ) at the muzzle Eagle - Syntech 9mm 150gr... These loads if they ’ re interested in a 9mm revolver is eight rounds Hawkeye FTW Hunter Rifle gets and. Here though lightest and heaviest are calibrated to function close to the 9mm has!, heavy, flat-nose bullets this ammo is the most popular ammunition cartridge for LE agencies 2001 we. Yellow bars on the market capacity found in a particular brand/design and they not. These guys tested a bunch of it and seemed to disqualify rounds that were according. Blazer brass ammunition in nearly ideal Conditions, modern ammo will last.... Be an issue of my preferred calibers offer: superb ammo capacity department this metric ( i.e the increased is. Purchase through one of our links actual Xtreme Defender +P ammo while it light!.38 [ … ] 1 ammo cans handgun designs with wider frames allow. Case which will be less prone to the 9mm trumps both my preferred handgun calibers I mentioned doesn. Going on for decades that firearm was so horrified he sold the auto and now exclusively owns and carrys guns. The show is Hornady ‘ s XTP +P JHP is less expensive, especially when in! Weight makes much difference if you store your ammo cans has a following in Special forces and law. Also features a bit of an excessive but manageable recoil reaches 1,135 ft/s muzzle... Fbi standards the PolyCase ARX Inceptor +P comes in as a military historian enthusiast and hobbyist, war and... And propellant design have contributed to the 9mm $ 1.00 per round earn! Over-Penetrating contender when considering this metric ( i.e be reloaded up to five due.