This set of values encourages putting people before processes, getting software out the door fast, collaborating with customers, and adjusting plans as needed. GIST stands for Goals, Ideas, Step-Projects, and Tasks. A product portfolio manager (PPM) strategically oversees all of the products in a business’s... What Is Product Positioning? 2, 4, 6, and 8 are multiples of 2. Here goes the list: UX (User Experience): Area that is concerned with user experience in a product or service (usually in digital products). Schedules in project management consists of a list of a project's terminal elements with intended to start and finish dates. Subscribe to the Consumer Product Ingredients Database and have full access to technical data on ingredients used in consumer specialty products. Product differentiation is a process used by businesses to distinguish a product or service from other... What is Product Discovery? Pocket added to a garment. A buyer persona is often created by product teams to describe the broad cohort of individuals who have a say in the purchasing process. In product management, initiatives that live in the backlog must be prioritized as a means of deciding what should be developed next. After-Sale Service: Services provided to the customer after products have been delivered. What Does the ‘Definition of Done’ Mean? Business agility applies the principles of agile development to the entire organization. General Availability (GA) is the release of a product to the general public. Product managers can leverage Buy-a-Feature to directly engage stakeholders and even customers to help shape their products, and to prioritize features based on their expected value return. Rationale: EPL is no longer used. It’s the ways these... What is the Product Backlog? Lean: It is a work methodology based mainly on the Toyota model and that works side by side with Agile. Collaboration is a strong word in design thinking, where everyone plays an important role in the process to discuss and work in favor of the same concept. Usually, it is done at the end of a Sprint and a few days before a planning meeting, as there is time to organize the information that was left unanswered until the planning meeting. IoT product managers drive the business strategy and development of these products. A product portfolio manager may be responsible for allocating resources for optimal ROI, identifying areas of improvement, and keeping the products aligned with the organization’s broader strategy. This text was written in Brazilian Portuguese by the end of 2018 when I was starting to work in a digital product environment. The EPCL lists all of the combinations of different SMETS1 Device Models that the DCC has successfully tested and developed the capability required to process messages and alerts « Back to Glossary Index Gantt Chart: a popular type of bar diagram that illustrates a project schedule. It is important, both in the initial steps of the product, to design the navigation flow; and in the stages ahead, to guide the team. This encompasses certain sets of tools that allow configuration of new products and service bundles, pricing and discounts. This concept differs from acceptance criteria in that it is a wide-ranging set of requirements that can apply to all items in the backlog (i.e. The approval history is a chronological list of all FDA actions involving one drug product having a particular FDA Application number (NDA, BLA, or ANDA). Stakeholders are individuals (or groups) that can either impact the success and execution of a product or... A stakeholder analysis is the process of identifying stakeholders before a project begins; grouping them according to their levels of participation, interest, and influence in the project; and determining how best to involve and communicate each of these stakeholder groups throughout. ... in which a group of people are asked about such things as the business issues or functionality of a specific service or product. Each aspect of the product strategy and process is numerically rated to identify areas of weakness that would benefit from improvement, as well as any areas that are completely lacking. Netflix has it's design teams working divided by device or platform. The Product Terms document is updated monthly as a successor to the Product Use Rights and Product List. Generally, these meetings are held on foot and each person should speak with 3 basic questions in mind: what have I been doing since yesterday? ... Backlog: It is the list of tasks and features of the product the team will do in a timeline. Tribe model management is part of an agile scaling strategy first used to help Spotify’s... What Does Turnover Rate Mean? It includes developing a profound understanding of customers,... What is a Product Disruptor? The product lifecycle model breaks down the various stages of a product’s evolution, from its debut to its retirement. 3 for additional details. Learn the unique terminology used in Agile development from the experts at Agile Alliance. The sprint design has proven to be a very useful method as it drastically reduces cost and time and has thus spread widely among startups and tech companies. Story mapping is a method for arranging user stories to create a more holistic view of... What is a Story Point? Join. This document is typically used more in “waterfall” environments where product definition, design and delivery happen sequentially, but may be used in an “agile” setting as well. For example, an agile cross-functional team may consist of a product manager, product owner, scrum master, engineers, QA, and design. Supply Chain Glossary. What Is a Product Portfolio Manager? Engineers practicing continuous integration merge their code to a shared repository several times each day. Planning poker (also called Scrum poker) helps agile teams estimate the time and effort needed to complete each initiative on their product backlog. Scope creep is the phenomenon in which a team’s initial plan—the scope of work it agreed... What is Scrum Agile Framework? The scrum master serves as a point person responsible for understanding the big development picture of each sprint. The term takes its name... What is Product Excellence? Glossary Comments. Above all, a project manager oversees the logistical aspects of the product development process. A shipyard engine describes a product team’s process to keep its organization informed about the... What is SMART goal setting? These tests are most commonly run in the software industry. What Is Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR)? A list of terms and acronyms that every product professional is likely to hear. This choice of professionals also depends on the business model and structure in question. A glossary is a collection of terms and definitions that pertain to a certain subject. Stories: It is the description of a requirement or a product need, but from the user’s point of view. Thus maintaining product consistency and agility for an entire team. :). Nomenclature Conventions. Contact Us General Inquiries Front Desk: 407-673-2222 Sales: 407-250-4000 Billing: 407-250-6677 Toll Free: 888-323-7788 Agile Values refers to the set of 4 values outlined by the Agile Alliance in The Agile Manifesto. About. An A/B test aims to compare the performance of two items or variations against one another. Glossary of Product Categories. The HEART framework is a methodology to improve the user experience (UX) of software. Product requirements management is the ongoing process of overseeing the implementation of all requirements needed... What Is a Product Specification? When you click on a term, an explanation will appear. See credentials. A product feature kickoff is a meeting in which a product manager and relevant... What is a Feature-Less Roadmap? Customer empathy is understanding the underlying needs and feelings of customers. The product designer’s glossary. Think... What Is a Minimum Viable Feature? An enterprise architecture roadmap is a strategic blueprint that communicates how a company’s IT... What Is Enterprise Transformation? In the Scrum agile framework, Definition of Ready describes the requirements that must be met in order for a story to move from the backlog to development. Product leaders are responsible for discovering and recruiting the right people for the product team. Weaknesses might include missing skillsets or a lack of budget. In the scrum methodology for agile, sprint goals are clear objectives set before the beginning... What is Sprint Planning?