You can buy it from Nigerian markets and African food shops all over the world. You may have to add 1 or 2 table spoons water to cook. Step 6 Will love it. I just got a copy of the ultimate Nigerian cookbook. African Dishes. Aside this spaghetti recipe, I will introduce you to other borrowed or recently invented Nigerian food recipes… plus noodles (Most popular food for kids) which only came into the picture just a few years back. How to Cook Couscous : Step by Step to Make It Tasty . After 5 minutes, the pasta should be soft enough to stir. nothing will stop me not to buy Smoothies. Next blend the fresh tomatoes together with chopped onion. 6. I’m a noodle favourite kinda person…in fact I don’t mind eating spaghetti everyday at all,lol,sounds weird I know. This recipe is amazingly delicious and … African Dishes. Taste sauce to correct seasoning. Drinks. How To Cook Jollof Spaghetti - Food - Nairaland. Spaghetti should also be cooked in plenty of water. How to Cook Jollof Spaghetti With Vegetables : Easy and Delicious. Thanks. How to Cook Couscous : Step by Step to Make It Tasty. if yes, what if on waiting for it to dry and the food get over done? Add the spaghetti and cook for about 15-20 minutes till it is almost soft then add the remaining onions, then the carrot and green beans. Pick out the Meat/fish when it is soft for consumption, you can choose to fry or not, fry with about 250ml of groundnut oil (you can reduce the oil after frying). Step 1 Dec 1, 2019 - Food recipes are different across the world. 7. Add the corned beef or the minced beef and fry till the beef turns pale. Advertisement. Keep the good work. Drinks. Spaghetti (1 sachet) Add the cooked spaghetti, stir well to coat with sauce ,lower heat and cook. This recipe is amazingly delicious and … How to cook minced meat spaghetti with vegetables. Step 6 Drinks. THANKS FOR THE RECIPE. Nigerian Foods. You can learn more about this practice later. Thanks a lot. Was that missed? This Is What It Looks Like. 3. I have tried several other recipes and this proves to be the best so far and I am sure you are going to love it. wow am hungry already Green pepper (optional). Nigerian Rice and Spaghetti Recipes. Below is the image of parboiled spaghetti in a bowl, carrot and green beans in a plate, sliced tomato, onions, and pepper. Nigerian Foods. This is slightly different, I would drop the video soon. Nigerian Foods. Pls when do I add the corned beef if I want to use it?.. Nigerian Fried Rice : How To Cook Delicious Fried Rice. It is one of those time saving preparations when you are cooking Nigerian Stew which many of us cook quite regularly. I just wanted to send this in as an Easter Special recipe. Stir the contents very well and cover the pot. Wow With some spaghetti, you need to stir till the water starts to boil again before covering the pot. Thanks. I will try it today. Nigerian Fried Rice : How To Cook Delicious Fried Rice. Nigerian Fried Rice : How To Cook Delicious Fried Rice. Nigerian Foods. Add the mixture of tomato, tatashey and pepper, stir, check for salt and let it simmer for about 2 minutes. Allow to cook on medium heat until every ingredient is incorporated together; Add salt to taste; Due to the diversity of Nigerian food recipes, we have various ways of preparing one staple food. When the oil is heated, add the diced onions and fry for a bit. Spaghetti … Add in the spaghetti, pushing it down or breaking it to fit into the pot. Learn how to cook delicious food recipes, drinks, desserts. I love spaghetti it’s one of my favorite meals and I take my time to prepare it and make it delicious. The large amount of water, the boiling water and the vegetable oil altogether prevent the spaghetti strands from sticking together while cooking. We could make this Jollof out of it or just boil it and serve with stew/tomato sauce and meatballs. 1 cups of sliced onions It’s looking great and yummy. I have a question. Parboil the spaghetti and set aside (Break to smaller sizes, parboil for 3 minutes, wash and set aside). I Googled the hell out of spaghetti Bolognese? You can refrigerate the remainder for a day or two. Drinks. Tnx again, Lovely way to make spaghetti, am going to try this for my hubby…. It look delicious & I know it’ll taste very delicious.. thanks for your weekly newsletter. Nigerian Rice Recipes include: Nigerian Rice and Stew, Jollof Rice, Fried Rice, Coconut Rice. It is going to serve as an assignment to you. Wow thanks for d delicious recipe I jst have to give it a try today, Hv tried ds method with noodles, I tink am goin 2 try it wit spaghetti. i will surely try one of d recipe African Dishes . May 1, 2017 - Food recipes are different across the world. Add the remaining onions, carrot and green beans. Smoothies. Tanx so much, but I add garlic when am frying my onions and tomatoes because i love garlic whenever am preparing my food. Step 6 The quantity of water should be at least double the quantity of the spaghetti. U need to see it, it’s so yummy. Cook the beef with the onions, thyme and stock cubes (Maggi or Knorr). How to Cook Jollof Spaghetti With Vegetables : Easy and Delicious. More power to your elbow. Dec 1, 2019 - Food recipes are different across the world. You said there’s none that wont make the pot burn,well since I started using this particular recipe,my pot only burns if there’s left over. Smoothies. You should use meat stock or the water drain from cooking the pasta. Thanks. Am preparing this for the family tomorrow. Input your search keywords and press Enter. Most families eat a rice dish at least twice a week, either for lunch or for dinner. This spaghetti bolognese is a gift I can’t reject.