And all the other units needed for PB Goku's EZA. he is so good! dulldrohl 1 month ago #7. The thing about Int Broly is that if you have Phy Broly, you'll never use the Int version If he gets an EZA he could definitely find a spot on extreme INT. LR INT Cooler (SA 10 55%) INT Frieza (Rainbowed) AGL Cooler (Rainbowed) AGL Golden Frieza (41%, unEZAed) TEQ FF Cooler (SA 2 75%) and AGL F2P Angel Frieza (LVL 80 SA 1, 41%) From what I remember, you should do AGL Coolers EZA first. Pure Supports are completely obsolete by now, with units like STR Omega, AGL Rosè, INT Metal Cooler and STR Cooler floating aroundI would even go so far as to argue that EZA INT G.Frieza is the best support in the game due to the fact that he becomes invincible after a few turns. 100% eza teq golden frieza showcase! Yeah, I don't have STR Cooler so I'm just waiting on the EZA for AGL Cooler and INT Frieza to do this mission. dragon ball z dokkan battle video's like goal: 900, let's get it! hello phy goku black and your amazing eza! For this video, we will be testing the 100% Potential of the Extreme INT Golden Frieza (Golden Malice). Video Title: FROM TRASH TO A BEAST! Explanation. ... Super INT. User Info: NoTrollGaming. 100% RAINBOW STAR EZA INT GOLDEN FRIEZA! Int EZA Frieza. For Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle on the iOS (iPhone/iPad), a GameFAQs message board topic titled "How to orb INT EZA Final form Freiza". NoTrollGaming 1 month ago #8. Just wait for the EZA for INT final form Frieza from the dokkan event. Extreme Z Awaken 7 time "Frieza (1st Form)" 12 Ki Multiplier is 150%; 24 Ki Multiplier is 200% SA Level can go up to 25 Lowers enemy's ATK & DEF by 30% for 99 turns An EZA Tier List to rank all Extreme Z-Awakened Cards in ... Frieza is a key member for all of his category Teams and among the strongest extreme tanks. Pash26= Strongest Clan in Space - Universe's Most Malevolent - Prodigies - Thirst for Conquest - Shocking Speed - Brutal Beatdown - Shattering the Limit Movie Bosses - Full Power - Transformation Boost - Most Malevolent Clan - Dragon Ball Seekers He was ran on a Resurrected Warriors category team … Only card I’ve seen build defense faster is LR AGL Gohan. ... rip int! User Info: dulldrohl. INT Broly might be able to upgrade from "meh" to "slightly above average" with an EZA (assuming they didn't go hog wild with the EZA). If you want units in general then some of my personal favorites are PB Krillin, Super Vegeta/Super Trunks, Gohan/Goku, the SS2 Goku and Majin Vegeta you get from the Battlefield Memories are particularly incredible, EZA Ago Piccolo, and basically all of the PB LRs.